Over 70 SuperUROP students received certificates on completing a year of research under the sponsorship (and mentorship) of industry and the EECS Department at MIT. SuperUROP students from left Alvaro Morales, Rishabh Kabra and Yoana Gyurova at the reception. Ted Equi, EECS SuperUROP Industrial Liaison talks with Yoana Gyurova at the reception. MIT President L. Rafael Reif paid an impromptu visit to the reception - to the delight of the SuperUROP graduates. President Reif enjoys talking with members of the 2013-14 SuperUROP class - as SuperUROP founder Anantha Chandrakasan, right, looks on. MIT Dean for Undergraduate Education and Instructor of the SuperUROP research seminar class, Dennis Freeman, left, visits with SuperUROP students Chennah Heroor, Sharon Hao, Rishi Patel, and Rui Jin, the TA for the class (6.UAR). SuperUROP students from left Reinier Strobos, Anqi Zhang, Oleksandr Stubailo, TA Claire O'Connell, and Julianna Mello visit at the reception held in the Media Lab Skyline room. Anantha Chandrakasan visits with SuperUROP students Rishabh Kabra, center, and Anisha Pai, right. MIT President Reif shakes hands with Alvaro Morales, left, as Ayesha Bose to Morales' left and Oleskandr Stubailo and (with back to camera) Anqi Zhang enjoy meeting him. SuperUROP student Jiashan Liang talks with her SuperUROP advisor Prof. Peter Szolovits at the SuperUROP final reception. Undergraduate Advanced Research scholars (SuperUROP) students Elliotte Williams, left, and David Couto get time at the final reception to visit. A small number of SuperUROP students gathered with MIT President Reif for a final group photo at the end of the SuperUROP reception on May 8, 2014.

"In just two years, SuperUROP has developed into a tremendous opportunity for Course VI students to gain meaningful research experience in world-class labs. The impact we are already seeing is enormous; I am enthusiastic about the program's potential to help shape how our students think about the role research plays in addressing important challenges."

— L. Rafael Reif, MIT President 

Welcome to SuperUROP!  Meet the students, faculty advisors and industry sponsors and mentors. Learn about the exciting research collaborations made possible by this unique program. Special thanks to our sponsors including individual donors Robert M. Fano, Steven G. and Renee Finn, Emanuel E. Landsman, Dinarte Morais and Paul Rosenblum, Jeremy and Joyce Wertheimer and several anonymous donors.  See the SuperUROP brochures for 2014-15 (pdf);  2013-2014 (pdf) and 2012-13 (pdf).


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